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What We Believe

The Nine Principles of the Wild Faith

  • Wildness – to live in nature, and in tune with nature, both as it exists freely, and as it is planted or created for the purposes of sustainable agriculture/permaculture; Animal People, Plant People, and Mineral People, and some Human People, are in tune with Nature as Deity in this way now.
  • Faerie – relating to arts and crafts as expressions of humanity’s truly spontaneous, genius of creation; when humanity applies arts, crafts, and symbolic vocabulary to seasonal celebrations, we get a combination of spontaneity, and structure that celebrates Nature as Deity, and helps humanity reignite its connection to the Land.
  • Magic – that which is possible beyond causality as we know it, and what Carl Jung has called “acausal synchronicity;” magic, spellcraft, prayer, and energy work are included here; inner, and outer nature of each human being coalesces, and allows the full spectrum of Love to become more real, and more Alive.
  • Divinity – meaning a multitude of divine aspects rather than the single god-father image of monotheistic religions.
  • Polytheism, and Pantheism – the Great Ancient Providence exploded out into 6 deities of different ages, both one, and yet separate from each other, with the Major Deities being the Universe, the many worlds in the Universe, and the intertwining of Spirit with Matter.
  • Paradise – a sanctuary where people can live a simpler, but sustainable (and restorative) way of life, intended to replace the violent civilization of the commonplace world with the peaceful, loving, community experience of living in Nature, and in tune with Nature, expressing ourselves in the same Divine Ways that She expresses Herself.
  • Queendom of Trees – living by and among the great trees; reforestation and preservation of existing trees is of prime importance.
  • Community is Freedom to Love – fulfillment and enjoyment without fear of judgment or retribution; sanctuaries where we live in tune with Nature become wellsprings of the energy of Love, and Creativity; sex is not just for reproduction, but also for enjoyment, and not restricting ourselves to a single pattern of relationship allows us to psychologically break free of most of modern society’s indoctrination; creativity, love, and sexual ecstasy are not restricted to heteronormativity.
  • Education for Wildness and Love – re-educating humanity to reclaim its heritage of living in tune with Nature as Deity will take an unprecedented reorientation of education; the promise of passion, compassion, and reigniting ones connection to Nature as Deity can only happen if all adults are allowed to participate fully in a community of educated sexuality, wherein all forms of sensuality are dignified, and nothing except cruelty and emotional sterility are censured; in this way, only that which is detrimental from modern society will slough itself off into the garbage.