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Some Core Principles

Mystic Star Coven hereby decrees, and declares that these Principles are part of the root of our practice as a Coven of Feycraft Wicca, and agrees to uphold them as part of our Faith. Some may call these ideas “Doctrine.”

Ours is an oathbound, initiatory, mystery tradition. We have vetted lineage from two different Traditions, which are, together, the foundation of Feycraft as taught in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Feycraft Wicca is a mystery tradition and can only be entered into by means of a Traditional Initiation performed by a Third Degree Priest or Priestess.

Autonomy is important to us as a Tradition, so we do not recognize a central authority on Feycraft Wicca. However, there is a core lore (or a core set of teachings, and beliefs) that is taught, and passed on in order for a Coven to be a Feycraft Coven. This is how we know whether a group claiming to be Feycraft Tradition really is, or isn’t.

We will not divulge the names of our Initiators or the names of our Students to anyone outside of Feycraft. This applies to both legal identities, and Craft identities. Anyone, Student or otherwise, may reveal their own legal or Craft identity if they choose to do so.

We are oathed to defend, protect, and preserve our Craft siblings/family, as well as the Tradition itself.

Feycraft is experiential. The Tradition can be taught in a limited fashion, but the Mysteries must be experienced, as they cannot be expressed in word.

Our liturgy, and the lore specific thereto, are not intended for mass consumption – nor should it be, because some may consider it “dangerous.” Only Initiates can teach the tradition and only Third Degrees may Initiate others. However, we do not claim to be “the only one right way,” as Wicca, and Paganism have a varied, and diverse set of beliefs, and practices. We honor all positive paths to the Divine.

We prefer to work in small groups called “Covens.” Direct contact between Teacher, and Student are essential, and requisite to passing on the Tradition. It cannot be taught online, nor can anyone be Initiated online. The Internet is a tool for communication, but definitely not a tool for Initiation.

When we teach Feycraft, we do so intending that our Students will Initiate. (But there is no guarantee that every Student will gain Initiation.)

We do not proselytize. Coercing or baiting or forcing people into our Faith is strictly prohibited. Individual Covens may advertise that they are taking on new Students, but no one is cajoled into becoming a part of Feycraft.

We do not charge in money or goods for teaching Feycraft, or for Initiation into Feycraft. We do have a “pool” from which to pull for Coven expenses, which is funded by offerings/donations given by Coven Members. However, Membership in Coven is not based on whether one is able to contribute to this pool.

Commercial services (like reading the Tarot for friends, family or clients) are not within the purview of our Faith – meaning: though related in some ways to the practice of our Faith, these services do not (and are not intended to) lead to Initiation into the Tradition; thus, these do not fall under the rule of not charging in money or goods.

In short: we don’t tell, we don’t sell, we don’t coerce, and we don’t teach, train or Initiate those who would; but if you’re sincere, and sincerely ready, we will teach you (in person) and bring you into the Old Faith.

But know, too, that those who are not ready, or not willing, to do the Work, soon find other things with which to engage their time, and energy. This can even sometimes apply to those who have already been a part of Feycraft for some time. Readiness and willingness are dynamic, and may change over time.