Mystic Star Coven is a teaching, training, and practicing Coven in Louisville, Kentucky.

Mystic Star Coven was founded in 2005, and practiced together for three years. Extenuating life circumstances happened for several of the Members at the time, and we went on hiatus in late 2008.

In 2014, Mystic Star was re-opened to practice the Feycraft Tradition.

Feycraft is an amalgamation of two different Traditions, and was begun by the Initiator of Mystic Star's High Priest. He was trained in the Tradition in the 1990's.

Today, Mystic Star boasts a good amount of training material that is specifically designed for the new Dedicant of Feycraft.

Our Mission is to lay aside the status quo of Paganism's past, namely: the infighting, prejudice, and immaturity that existed (and still does, in some regard) in the Pagan community. We do this by producing happy, well-adjusted Witches who are consistently progressing on their spiritual path.

Mystic Star annually attends Beltaine at Our Haven Nature Sanctuary, in French Lick, Indiana.