Mystic Star Coven is a practicing, teaching and training Coven in Louisville, Kentucky.

We were founded in 2005, by our current High Priest, and practiced together until 2008. In 2008, we went on hiatus due to various life issues among the Membership. In early 2014, the High Priest re-opened Mystic Star for it’s second incarnation.

Mystic Star practices The Feycraft Tradition.

Feycraft is an amalgamation of two different Traditions, and was begun in the 1980’s by the High Priest’s Initiator. Our High Priest learned Feycraft from his Initiator throughout the first half of the 1990’s.

Today, Mystic Star boasts a good amount of training material and exercises for Dedicants that is specifically relevant to Feycraft.

Our mission is to obliterate the status quo of yesteryear’s infighting, prejudice, and immaturity that exists in the Pagan community. And we do this by producing happy, well-adjusted Witches who are consistently progressing in their Craft.

Mystic Star annually attends Beltane festivities at Our Haven, in French Lick, Indiana.

Something About Us

  • Mystic Star is open to Members of any gender identity.
  • Most decisions are made by consensus of Coven Council.
  • We do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, social or financial background, gender or gender identity, or sexual orientation.
  • We consider the Rede to be good advice, but in reality, we practice a Warrior's Ethic.

What We Are Not

  • Celtic Reconstructionist ~ Our practices aren’t really Celtic at all, but we claim a Celt-like style because our teachings and practices are derived from a few different pre-Christian Celtic Tribal cultures. We’re okay with this.
  • Druidic ~ While we have no problem with Druidic Orders, we are not that; our practices are not modern Druidic.
  • Gardnerian ~ We don’t have an issue with Gardnerians, but we are not Gardnerian because our practices are not Gardnerian in nature.
  • Formal ~ This site may seem a bit formal because we have an organized, formal way of vetting our incoming Dedicants, but as a group, we're somewhat like a bunch of drunk people practicing a form of Pagan Witchcraft.

We ARE, however, a modern Witchcraft Tradition that was begun in the 1980’s and 1990’s, and by our definition, we would be considered Eclectic, which means, “deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.”

What Makes Us Different

  • We don’t have an issue with same-gender initiations. Our Tradition teaches that the Primary Force of Creation is sometimes two or more genders at once, sometimes no gender, sometimes either male or female, and (usually) every gender all at once. The underlying current of power of Feycraft has no specific gender requirements.
  • While we utilize an agricultural theme to our Sabbat celebrations, our primary focus and concern is not on fertility, like other Traditions. Rather, our ultimate goal is the ecstatic experience of the realm of spirit that surrounds us, and a feeling of oneness with nature and the universe. (In case you’re wondering, ecstasy isn’t only about sex.)
  • For the same reasons, we do not keep a male/female ratio in our group. There is no need. A good Witch can work with the energies of either gender, or no gender, or one or more of the many genders that exist. Likewise, we do not believe in the necessity of having both a male and a female leader at the same time. Coven Leaders can be single individuals, or a pair of individuals, of any gender identity.

Our Principles

Mystic Star Coven hereby decrees and declares that these Principles are part of the root of our practice as a Coven of the Feycraft Tradition, and agrees to uphold them as part of our Faith.

Ours is an oathbound, initiatory, mystery tradition. We have vetted lineage from two different Traditions, which are, together, the foundation of Feycraft as taught in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Feycraft is a mystery tradition and can only be entered into by means of a Traditional Initiation performed by a Third Degree Priest/ess and Witch of Feycraft.

Autonomy is important to us as a Tradition with many (previous) Covens and more to come. However, there is secret core lore that is taught and passed on in order for a Coven to be a Feycraft Coven. This is how we know whether a group claiming to be Feycraft Tradition really is, or isn’t.

We will not divulge the names of our Initiators or the names of our Students to anyone outside of Feycraft. This applies to both legal identities and Craft identities. Anyone, Student or otherwise, may reveal their own legal or Craft identity if they choose to do so.

We are oathed to defend, protect and preserve our Craft siblings/family, as well as the Tradition itself.

Feycraft is experiential. The Tradition can be taught in a limited fashion, but the Mysteries must be experienced, as they cannot be expressed in word.

Our liturgy, and the lore specific thereto, are not intended for mass consumption – nor should it be. Only Initiates can teach the tradition and only Third Degrees may Initiate others.

We prefer to work in small groups called “Covens.” Direct contact between Teacher and Student are essential and requisite to passing on the Tradition. It cannot be taught online, nor can anyone be Initiated online. The Internet is a tool for communication, but definitely not a tool for Initiation.

When we teach Feycraft, we do so intending that our Students will Initiate. (But there is no guarantee that every Student will gain Initiation.)

We do not proselytize. Coercing or baiting or forcing people into our Faith is strictly prohibited. Individual Covens may advertise that they are taking on new Students, but no one is cajoled into becoming a part of Feycraft.

We do not charge in money or goods for teaching Feycraft, or for Initiation into Feycraft. We do have a “pool” from which to pull for Coven expenses, which is funded by monthly dues. However, Membership in Coven is not based on whether one is able to contribute to this pool.

Commercial services (like reading the Tarot [“divination”] for friends, family or clients) are not within the purview of our Faith – meaning: though related in some ways to the practice of our Faith, these services do not (and are not intended to) lead to Initiation into the Tradition; thus, these do not fall under the rule of not charging in money or goods.

In short: We don’t tell, we don’t sell, we don’t coerce, and we don’t teach, train or Initiate those who would; but if you’re sincere and sincerely ready, we will teach you (in person) and bring you into the Family.

But know, too, that those who are not ready, or not willing, to do the Work, soon find other things with which to engage their time and energy. This can even sometimes apply to those who have already been a part of Feycraft for some time. Readiness and willingness are dynamic, and may change over time.

How To Become A Dedicant

  • Prospective Initiates must be willing to set aside the usual beliefs of western culture. As a basic foundation of our Faith, we are polytheists and animists. These two beliefs are essential to the effective practice of Feycraft. Spirits, deities, etc, are not psychological constructs to help you feel better. It takes work to fully accept these two foundational truths because our western culture has taught us that everything is a figment of our imaginations – spirits, deities, etc., are not figments of your imagination or “personifications of your subconscious.”
  • Prospective Initiates must be willing to make Coven activities a high priority. It takes time and commitment to make it through the Dedicant period, and then when that’s over, you still have to participate in regular Coven life. We become a chosen family. Participation by every individual is of high importance. This isn’t a church where you can come and go as you please – your presence is extremely important. We realize that some folks may have children who sometimes get ill and need to be tended, or anniversaries they need to spend with their significant other – we get it. We just ask that you don’t lie about emergencies when there really are none – you never know if the Deities are going to take what you say as a request.
  • Prospective Initiates should be emotionally stable. While the Coven Leadership can provide spiritual coaching to Members, and a few of us may be trained Therapists, this is not the purpose of Coven work. We can advise you, if necessary, as Family, but we will not play at nursing your emotional or psychological trauma. We do not intend to discriminate against individuals with illnesses such as bipolar disorder or depression, but realize that the current of power with which we work may substantially impact those with emotional illness or instability. Depending upon the severity of the emotional/mental state, we may or may not refuse Membership. We will not, as a group deal with the kinds of issues that the current of power brings up while these ailments are present, as that is not the purpose of Coven work.
  • Prospective Initiates must be real people. You must be willing to drop the societal masks. We are not prone to being “fake” with one another. While we recognize that a facade is sometimes necessary to properly exist in modern western society, we cast that facade aside when we are with one another.
  • Prospective Initiates should have their mundane lives in somewhat decent shape, or at least pursuing that as a goal. You don’t have to be independently wealthy or plan to stay at your current job forever. You should be doing your best for you, for now. None of us are perfect people, but we try to be reasonably stable, so have a job, pay your bills as best you can and have reliable transportation to and from meetings. As long as you have made peace with where you’re at and refuse to become stagnant, this should not be a difficult requirement to meet. Despite what that other religion tries to teach you, poverty and spirituality do not make good bedfellows.

Dedicant Application Process

When we are able to open up for new Dedicants again, this is how our Application/Vetting Process works:

  • First week of August: Application for Dedicant Status is opened, and left open for the entire month.
  • September: Coven Council reviews Applications. Approved Applicants are contacted with time, date, and location for a “Meet-n-Greet.” After this, the Coven Council meets to discuss the Applicants.
  • October: By the end of the second week (usually) of October, Applicants are notified of their status, whether they’ve been accepted, or not.
  • By the end of October, new Dedicants are given a brief “Orientation,” given access to Coven Training materials, invited to the private MSC Facebook group, and will attend the Coven Samhain Ritual.
  • From there, it’s about doing the work, becoming part of the Family, progressing forward in your spiritual and magical practice, and growing as a human being.

If you want to know when the Application for Dedicant Status becomes available, subscribe to the Waitlist below. You will only be emailed once the Application is available.