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Rights & Responsibilities of Members

Rights & Privileges

  1. The benefit of a chosen family who is Oathed to protect, and defend each other utilizing magic when appropriate, and necessary.
  2. The opportunity to attend Sabbats, Esbats, and other activities of the Coven.
  3. The opportunity to receive the intangible benefits that come along with a chosen family, such as being transparent, and vulnerable with one another without the fear of judgment or retribution.
  4. The opportunity to benefit from the spiritual, and magical education afforded through the Coven’s Programs, as well as the benefit of sharing, learning, and growing in our magical, and spiritual practices together during, and beyond Rite of the First.
  5. The opportunity of participating in the local Pagan Community as the Coven is able to do so.
  6. A voice in all matters pertaining to the protection, defense, and growth of the Coven.


  1. Cultivate a personal spiritual, and magical practice as taught by Feycraft, and if necessary, be willing to use it in defense, and protection of the Coven, and the Tradition.
  2. Maintain accordance with our purposes, and programs, come together for Coven activities as much as possible, establish healthy relationships within the Coven, and commit to learning, and growing together in spiritual, and magical practice.
  3. Practice as closely as is possible in our daily lives the Nine Principles Of The Wild Faith.
  4. Personally make every effort to be conflict-free, and in harmony within the chosen family of the Coven, and the Pagan Community.
  5. Desire to learn, grow, and share with each other, as we become more transparent, and vulnerable with each other, and be willing to work towards healthy, progressive change in your own life.
  6. Pursue opportunities for involvement in the life of the Coven, and the local Pagan Community as they present themselves, and as you/the Coven are able.