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Mystic Star Coven is a practicing, teaching and training Coven in Louisville, Kentucky.

​We were founded in 2005, by our current High Priest, and practiced together until 2008. In 2008, we went on hiatus due to various life issues among the Membership. In early 2014, the High Priest re-opened Mystic Star for it’s second incarnation.

Mystic Star practices The Feycraft Tradition.

Feycraft is an amalgamation of two different Traditions, and was begun in the 1980’s by the High Priest’s Initiator. Our High Priest learned Feycraft from his Initiator throughout the first half of the 1990’s.

Today, Mystic Star boasts a good amount of training material and exercises for Dedicants that is specifically relevant to Feycraft.

Our mission is to obliterate the status quo of yesteryear’s infighting, prejudice, and immaturity that exists in the Pagan community. And we do this by producing happy, well-adjusted Witches who are consistently progressing in their Craft.

Mystic Star annually attends Beltane festivities at Our Haven, in French Lick, Indiana.