About Us

Mystic Star Coven

The Magic Of Feycraft

Who We Are

  • Mystic Star accepts Members of any gender identity.
  • We do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, social or financial background, gender or gender identity, or sexual orientation.
  • Most decisions are made by consensus of Coven Council.
  • We consider the Rede to be good advice, but in reality, we follow a Warrior’s Ethic.

Who We Aren’t

  • We are not Celtic Reconstructionists, because our practices are not Celtic; but some of our teaching is derived from pre-Christian Celtic Tribal worldview.
  • We are not Gardnerian, because our practice is not wholly Gardnerian, even though it is influenced by Gardnerian Wicca (like most Pagan practices are).
  • We are not Druidic, because our practices are not the same as most modern Druidic Orders.
  • We are not formal; we just appear to be because we have a very structured method of vetting potential new Dedicants/Coven Members.

What Makes Us Different

  • We don’t have an issue with same-gender Initiations. Our Tradition teaches that the Primary Force of Creation is sometimes female, sometimes male, sometimes both genders, and sometimes no gender. The underlying current of power in Feycraft has no gender requirements.
  • While we utilize an agricultural theme to our Sabbat Celebrations, our primary focus and concern is not on fertility, like most Traditions. Our ultimate goal is the ecstatic experience of the realm of Spirit that surrounds us, and a feeling of oneness with Nature and the Universe. (In case you’re wondering, ecstasy isn’t always sexual.
  • For the same reasons we do not keep a female/male ratio in our group. There is no need. A good Witch can work with the energies of any gender or no-gender. Likewise, we do not believe it necessary to have both a male and female leader at the same time. Coven Leaders can be a single individual, or a pair of individuals, of any gender.​​

Our Story

Our High Priest was Initiated into Feycraft at age 13, in Lexington, Kentucky. By 16, he’d earned The Rite Of The Third (or “third degree”), and became a High Priest of his own Coven when the current High Priestess decided to retire. Being the only remaining Third Degree, he took on the role from 1993, to 1995. The Mother Coven disbanded in 1995, due to most of it’s Members moving away to attend college.

The High Priest practiced alone until 2005, when he first founded Mystic Star Coven.

Members came and went, as they do. And by 2008, the remaining three Members decided to go on hiatus due to some overwhelming family concerns.

The High Priest again practiced alone until 2014. Mystic Star reopened for Membership then, and we have been practicing steadily together ever since. Yes, several potential Witches have come, and moved on, as they always do. But right now, we are 7 Members strong – celebrating Sabbats, interacting with the world of Spirit, and enjoying the familial bond that a good Coven develops.

Our Goals

At this point, our primary focus is on the continuing development of current Coveners. But in the future, we’d like to start holding public rituals, and possibly social gatherings or discussion groups/classes for the local Pagan community.

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